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Sri Mukthi Naga Kshetra
Daivagna Sri
Subramanya Shastri
Daivagna Sri Subramanya Shastri

Early Life

I was born on June 3rd 1949 in Mysore as the only son of the most gifted Kannada film writer “Sahithya Bhishma” late Sri Sorat Aswath and Smt. Nagarathnamma. Inspite of being the son of the great artist, I struggled during my early days.

I earned my living as a binder in the printing press and then as a newspaper distributor and even did odd jobs like serving drinking water to students during exams and sometimes a domestic servant too. In the meantime I did my M.Com. in Commerce. 

As a Lecturer

I have been coaching students since 1968 as a student of 2nd B.Com. and started Kalajyothi tutorials with the help of students. Since then I have been teaching students in B.Com., B.B.M., M.B.A., M.Com., A.C.S., I.C.W.A., S.A.S., C.A.I.I.B.
Appointed as a lecturer in Bangalore in 1975, I was working in 9 colleges ( Vijaya College, Vijaya P.U. College, Vijaya Evening College, B.N.M College, B.M.S. College, B.E.S. College, M.E.s. College, A.P.S. College and Davar’s College) simultaneously.

As an Author

I have authored many textbooks in English. In 1968, as a lecturer I saw the difficulties faced by students without textbooks in Kannada medium. I pioneered to write textbooks in Kannada medium through 2nd P.U. Accountancy book published by “Chethana Book house” The other books published are:

1985:                           1st B.Com. Accountancy
1986:                           2nd PU Accountancy, Question & Answer
1986:                           2nd PU Commerce, Question & Answer
1986:                           2nd PU Vaanijya Shaatra, Questions & Answer
1987:                           3rd B.Com. Cost Accounts, Question & Answer
1988:                           2nd B.Com., Statistic’s Question & Answer
1995:                           1st P.U. Lekka Shastra
1995:                           2nd PU “Accountancy”

In 1998 Sep, 2nd PUC Accountancy and Business studies practical books were published.


I have been an active participant in revolutions since 1963 like Cycle tax abolition, Redn. In water tax, Expo-70 and in establishment of independent P.U. Board. I have been encouraged and inspired by leaders Mr.Jayaprakash Narayan, Devraj Urs, Gundu Rao, Ajeej set, Sri Ramakrishna hedge and Dr. Jeevraj alva.

As an Artist

As a 7 year old, I entered the field of drama and participated in several state level competitions and won several laurels. Some of the better-known plays are Mohammed Bin Thuglaq, Prathime, Mukhavaada, Shudhdha Shunti, Samayakkondu sullu and Paaduka swamy.

I have also acted in dance dramas like Tarakasura samhara and Velapuri Vaibhava.

Films have always been my passion. I worked as an assistant director to the topmost director Sri S.R. Puttanna Kanagal during the making of College Ranga and also as an associate director to Vadiraj and Ratnakar. I have acted in more than 25 Kannada films including Jenugoodu, Bhagyadevathe, Chakra, Sampannaru, Tarlenanmaga, Ajagajanthara, Supernanmaga, Jai Karnataka, Kadambari, Nanagu Hendathibeku and Indian.

Vasthu & Astrology

I have been giving professional advice on Vasthu and astrology, visiting industries, business enterprises all over Karnataka. I was honored by Sri Sri Vidya Prasanna Theertha of Kukke  subramanya kshetra as “Vasthu Shastra Thagna” on 14th Sept 1998. Many articles on Vasthu have been published in newspaper and lauded by people.

Dr. Veerandra Hegde of Dharmasthala has awarded me with a gold medal. I have received ‘ Aryabhata 2002’ award for Vasthu. Several temples have been built according to my guidance.

My lectures and live shows on Vasthu and astrology are telecasted in Local channels, DD9 Chandana regularly. I am flooded by people from all over the country, for suggestions on Vasthu. I was overwhelmed to receive “Ugadi Puraskar” award on 18th March 2001 for ‘all-round achivement’ by Madras Telugu Academy.

Face reading, another facet of me has helped many people who are unaware of their birthrate. I am pleased to help them to solve their problems.

At the age of 41st year, I was blessed by Lord shri Subramanya, at Kukke subrahmanya Kshethra’ A light was entered into my mind, When I was sitting in front of ‘Garbhagudi’
Since then I am telling the fortune of the people, just by hearing their name in the phone, on live in local channels. As o0n today, I am appearing in ‘chandana’ Vahini on live ‘Phone in Program’ ever week on Wednesday. I am also appearing on live in five local channels. Helping thousands of people to solve so many problems, including Sarpadosha.

"Sarvejanatha sikhinobhavanthu" is the main principle of mine, to build the biggest "Shri Mukthi Naga Temple", to serve the public.

Pearls of Achievements

  • Son of a great writer Late Sri Sorat Aswath ( Kannada film industry)
  • Served as professor in commerce in Vijaya College, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Author for 14 text books for P.U.C and B.Com. degree ( including 6 books in regional languages kannada medium)
  • Produced S.S.L.C. Video cassettes on 19th Dec 1996, in Kannada medium.
  • On 14th Sept 1998. honoured by Sri Sri Sri Vidyatheertha Prasanna Swamiji, of Kukke Subrahmanya kshetra as “Vaasthu Shastra Thagna”.
  • In 1999 received ‘Aryabhata’ Award for education.
  • On 13th Oct 1999, introduced in Udaya T.V’ in “Parichaya” Program
  •  On 7th Feb 2000, received ‘Gold medal’ from Dr. Sri Veerandra Hegde of Dharmasthala for the book “Vaasthu and Astrology” written by me.
  • On 18th Maech 2001, Madras Telugu Academy has awarded “Ugadi Puraskar 2001” for all round achievement in the field of education, Vasthu, astrology. Ect.
  • On 8th April 2001, “Bangalore Mahanagara Palike” has awarded “Kempegowda Prashathi” in the field of literature.
  • Commenced Dance Drama Music School recognized by Govt. of Karnataka.
  • Conducting free coaching classes for P.U.C. and S.S.L.C. for more than 800 students since 8 years.
  • Acted in more than 25 movies in Kannada.
  • On 8th April 2002 received ‘ Aryabhata’ award for Vaasthu.
  • On 12th May 2002, received ‘D.V.G. Vedike Award’ for literature.
  • On 20th june 2005 the Prathisthapana of “Shri Mukthi Naga” idle ( Biggest in the world)
  • On 20th june 2005. I have been nominated as “ Dharmadhikari” by Guruji.