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Sri Mukthi Naga Kshetra
Daivagna Sri
Subramanya Shastri
Welcome to Mukthi Naga Kshetra

India is a holy land. Every piece of land in this country is associated with some divine personality who left his or her mark indelibly on that place. One can see a number of such holy places throughout the country. The state of Karnataka too has many such places to offer. One of the most famous and powerful of such kshetras is the Sri Mukthi Naga Kshetra, which is located off Mysore Road, within a kilometer from the village of Ramohalli, five kilometers towards the Dodda Alada Mara (Big Banyan Tree), and 18 kilometers from the Bangalore bus stand.

Junjappana Gudi Bayalu

200 years ago, this place was called Junjappana Gudi Bayalu. At that time, the people of the Golla community, who were the residents of this place, used to offer prayers to Nagappa, the snake god. Junjappa, in the native dialect, is another name for the snake god. Legend has it that a cobra, 25 feet in length and more than 100 years old, used to live here at that time. Even today, this place is inhabited by myriad varieties of serpents.

The Blessing of Lord Subrahmanya

Fifteen years ago, I had gone on a visit to the temple of the Lord Subrahmanya in the town of Kukke Subrahmanya. When I was sitting in the inner sanctum of the temple, I felt some sort of energy emerging from the idol of the Lord and entering me. I happened to see the temple elephant standing outside the temple, and I suddenly realised I could foretell its future. I was amazed and awed by what had happened. I had developed the ability to tell the future of any creature on the earth, be it an animal or a human, including the problems and sufferings that would occur. I was also able to give remedies to each of those problems. In His Divine Grace, the Lord Subrahmanya has endowed me with this power. The Lord has also granted to me the ability to remedy all sorts of problems pertaining to Sarpa Dosha.

The Inception of the Temple

Around five years ago, the Lord Subrahmanya appeared in my dream and said, “I am living very close to you. Build a temple for me.” I was haunted by a heap of questions. Where is the Lord? Where should I build the temple? Is this possible for me? I was daunted by the sheer magnitude of the task. The Lord appeared in my dream again after two days and repeated the order. I asked him, “Where are you living? Where should I build the temple? Do I have the ability to build it?” The Lord said, “Tomorrow, a person will come to you and bring you to where I am. I myself will receive you. Build the temple at the place where I receive you”. The next day, one Mr. Nagabhushana came to consult me about some problem. While we were talking, I told him that I was looking for some place to build a temple for the Lord Subrahmanya. Immediately, he invited me to his farmland to survey the place. He took me to Ramohalli. On the way, we saw an old cobra measuring 25 feet in length, moving very slowly on the road. Nagabhushana remarked that he had never seen any snakes in this region before, and showed me to his farmland. As soon as we entered, we saw three serpents come to the spot where the inner sanctum of the present temple is, halt for a moment with their hoods open, and move off very quickly. I was filled with a mixture of joy, surprise, wonder and amazement. Sensing the potential of the place, I obtained permission from Nagabhushana for Sarpa Shanthi (Pacification Rituals) to be performed there for people afflicted with Sarpa Dosha. Again the Lord appeared in my dream and commanded me to build a temple for me. I said, “I am but an ordinary lecturer. I do not have the funds necessary to buy the place and build a temple. This mission is a dream indeed.” The Lord assured me, saying “Don’t worry. I am with you.” Putting my faith in the Lord, I decided to embark on this venture. When I visited the place again the next day, I found a snakeskin measuring 12-3/4 feet lying there. Taking this as a divine omen, I decided to commission an idol of the Lord Nagaraja to be sculpted, of the same height as the length of the snakeskin. In accordance with the rules of Shilpa Shastra, I decided that the idol would be placed on a pedestal such that the entire structure would be 16 feet high. The land itself, I found, was practically a forest. Acquiring the land would be a mammoth task. I struggled for 3 years to raise the funds required. I approached several banks for loans and finally got the land registered in my name. I contacted the famous sculptor, Padmashri Ganapathi Stapathi of Kancheepuram and commissioned him to sculpt a seven-hooded idol of the Lord Nagaraja from a single stone. Fifteen sculptors worked for a year and a half to complete the task. Transporting the idol from Kancheepuram to Bangalore was a saga in itself. A huge truck with thirty-two wheels was used to transport the idol. Two cranes were used to place the idol on the truck. While they were moving the idol on to the truck, the truck tilted due to the massive weight of the idol. However, with his blessings, we were able to mount the idol on to the truck without incident. Then we started the journey to Ramohalli. The entire journey was one long celebration. On the way, we passed through the town of Krishnagiri, which had been reeling under a drought for a long time. When the Lord entered Krishnagiri, the town witnessed heavy showers. The town’s people were overjoyed at this and offered grand poojas to the Lord. When we reached Ramohalli, the heavens, which had been scorched by the sun till then, showered rains to welcome the Lord. Everyone who witnessed this miracle was awed. Sri Sreekantha Datta Wodeyar was present to welcome the Lord and present Him to the nation, just as his father the late Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar had constructed the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple.

The Biggest Mukthi Naga of the World

Naga idols five feet high are usually seen throughout the world. One can see them in Nagarkoil in Chennai, and in Singapore. But the Mukthi Naga idol at Ramohalli, measuring 16 feet in height (including the pedestal on which the idol stands), is the biggest in the world.

The Mukthi Naga Form of Lord Subrahmanya

There are four forms in which the Lord Subrahmanya is worshipped. The first one is that present at Kukke Subrahmanya, representing the childhood of the Lord Nagaraja. The second is the one present at Ghati Subrahmanya, representing the Lord in his youth. The third form of the Lord is that in his marital state. We can see this form of the Lord at Palani and Thiruvannamalai. The fourth form is that of the Lord Subrahmanya at the Mukthi Naga Kshetra. Here, the Lord grants deliverance from all illnesses and all forms of sins and suffering. At this holy place, every prayer of the devotees is fulfilled.

The Miracles of the Mukthi Naga Kshetra

The Mukthi Naga Kshetra is a miraculous place. The devotees, who visit this place, visit the ‘hutta’ (anthill) where the serpent resides, make nine pradakshinas (circumambulations) around it and provide offerings to the Lord. All of them have found that their wishes have been fulfilled shortly after visiting this place. All unmarried women who have visited this place, seeking the blessings of the Lord, have got married. All those who prayed for children, have been blessed with children. And all have made generous contributions to the temple after their wishes were fulfilled. One person, who had been bed-ridden for seven months, came here in a car. But as the road was under construction and construction material was strewn all around, the car could not proceed beyond the gate. The man prayed to the Lord, “O Lord, I have come here to obtain your darshana and your blessings. Please show mercy on me.” No sooner had he uttered this prayer than he felt energy surge within him, He alighted from the car and walked briskly all the way to the temple. Later, when he met me, he said, “I was bed-ridden to the extent that I was even unable to stand all these days. But the Lord blessed me with the energy to walk. That is how I am able to come and talk to you now. This is a miracle indeed!” Another person, after having obtained the darshana and prasada, asked the priest, “I was told this place has a lot of serpents. I have not seen even a single snake. Why do they propagate such lies?” Saying so, he got into his vehicle and drove towards the main gate. When he reached the gate, he found a huge serpent lying across the path and blocking his way. Stunned at the sight, he alighted from the car, bowed to serpent respectfully, returned to the temple sanctum, apologized to the Lord and offered pooja for the second time. Only then did the serpent allow him to leave the place.

Second Life

I used to be a disbeliever who would scoff at the very mention of the word miracle. But now the Lord Subrahmanya himself is using me as His instrument to display his power of performing miracles. Once an engineer came to me and he said, “My daughter is on her death bed. The doctors say that she will die at around 11 AM tomorrow. But the time is not an auspicious one. How can I avert the ill effect of death at such an inauspicious hour?” I looked at the photograph of his daughter that he had given me. Suddenly words began to issue from my mouth. I was the mouthpiece of the Lord and he made me say, “No, your daughter won’t die. Hold a one-rupee coin in your hand and make an oath in your mind. Request the Lord to save your daughter and promise Him that you will come back and offer prayers to Him. Tomorrow, instead of going to the hospital, come here and perform a Sarpa Shanthi.” The man had great faith in the Lord. The next day, heeding my words, he came to the Mukthi Naga Kshetra and performed the Sarpa Shanthi rituals. At 11 AM, he received a phone call from the doctors. It was not to tell him that his daughter had died, but to tell him that his daughter had been shifted from the intensive care unit to the general ward. She had got a second chance to live. This is an unforgettable incident.

The Millionaire

A police office I knew once called me on the phone and requested me to help a friend of his. The officer’s friend came to me in great distress. I learnt that, earlier, he had been a very famous personality in Bombay. He was a very close associate of many powerful politicians. Famous stars of the Bombay film industry used to seek his protection. But now he had nothing.
I invoked the Lord Subrahmanya. He made me say, “Don’t worry. In ninety days, you will get back all that you have lost. Every day, early in the morning, take bath, offer abhisheka to the idol of the Lord Nagaraja with water and perform pooja with turmeric and kumkum. Make nine pradakshinas, and while doing so, keep chanting the name of the Lord, “Om Sree Subrahmanyeshwaraya Namaha.” The man followed this practice for ninety days, and on the ninetieth day, his dedication and the blessings of the Lord brought him back the 300 Crore rupees that he had lost in business.