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Sri Mukthi Naga Kshetra
Daivagna Sri
Subramanya Shastri
Shakthi Dhara Subrahmanya
Future Projects at Mukthi Naga Kshetra

There are many more projects slated to be taken up at the Mukthi Naga Kshetra.

Sri Karya Siddhi Vinayaka Temple
Project Status: Completed
Alongside the Mukthi Naga Temple is a temple dedicated to Karya Siddhi Vinayaka. He is so called because he fulfills all ambitions of his devotees and confers un-obstructed success in all their endeavors

Shakthi Dhara Subrahmanya
Project Status: Ongoing
A New wonder of the world


The world's largest monolithic idol of Lord Subrananya ( measuring 21ft high and weighing 56 tonnes) has recently been completed. Sculpted out of the "Krishna Shila" rock, work on this massive idol was carried out by the renowned schlptur Padmashri shri Ganapathi Stapathi and his sons shri Jayendra Stapathi & Shri Shankar Stapathi over a period of two years.

At the village of Ramohallui ( located on the way to the big banyan tree, off Mysore Road) which is already renowned as the site of largest Naga idol in the world, plans are in motion to install idols of six different forms of the Lord Subramanya on an artificially constructed hillock.

THe great Raja Raja Cholan was the first to implement the hitherto unknown idea of installing and idol and then building a temple around it. This was the magnificent Brihadeeshwara temple at the Tanjavur. This feat was attempted a second time only when Daivagna Sri Subrahmanya Shastrey installed the Mukthi Naga idol at Ramohalli and built a temple around it in 2005. He is planning to repeat this feat by installing the idol of the "Shakthi Dhara Subrahmanya" also at Ramohalli and building another temple around it.

The istallation of this idol is intended to bring peace and prosperity to all devotees and mankind in general. All devotees are welcome to contribute to this effort in the form of cash and / or voluntary service and obtain the blessing of the lord.

Maha Mantapa
Project Status: Ongoing
It is planned to have a mahamantapa in front of the Garbha gudi having 24 stone pillars, 12 pillars of 24 feet height and 12 others of 18 feet each. There is a cellar planned to be constructed which will be the temple office in future. The estimated cost of stone required for the construction of the Maha Mantapa is 80 lakh rupees and the cost of construction of the cellar is 30 lakh rupees.

Chikka Palani
Project Status: Ongoing
In the western portion of this place, an eighteen-foot idol of the Lord Subrahmanya will stand on a hundred-foot hillock. The cost of each step (stone) is an estimated 10,000 rupees. The total cost of Chikka Palani is estimated to be 80 lakh rupees, excluding the idol of Lord Murugan, which would itself cost 20 lakh rupees.

Kalpataru Hospital
Project Status: Ongoing
Under the auspices of Sri Subramanya Seva Trust (Regd.), it is planned to construct a 50-bed hospital, which will provide free medical treatment (in the allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic systems of medicine). The estimated cost of this project is 1.5 crore rupees. Apart from the above, the following projects are planned to be carried out in the future. Udayaraaga: A residential school, which will impart instructions in the Vedas Sandhyaraaga: An old age home for the old and needy

Nine Navagraha Temples
Project Status: Yet to be started
A separate temple is planned for every graha, each with its Adhidevate and Pratyadhidevate. These temples would be the first of their kind in the world. The estimated cost of this project is 1 crore. Sri Parvathi Amma Temple, Sri Trayambakeshwara Temple, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Sri Patladamma Temple are the other temples planned in the temple complex

Other Projects at the Mukthi Naga Kshetra

Sri Parvathi Amma Temple

Sri Trayambakeshwara Temple

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Sri Patladamma Temple

Goshale – For the tending of cows  

Udayaraga – A school for Vedic studies

Sandhyaraga – Old age home

Annapoorna – Free boarding facility for devotees.

Indraprastha – Free lodging facility for devotees.